czwartek, 30 października 2014

The heart beats in the rhythm of the cha cha, looking for love in the rhythm ofcha cha

The hearts beats in the rhythm of cha cha,looking for love in the  rhythm of cha cha. A famous polish song starts with these words, and with this song I want to invite you to take a look at my new deco-art.

All hearts are made using rice paper,including the purple heart, on which, to gain a better effect, I glued-on a napkin with flower motifs, which i hand-painted as well. The whole thing has been protected with high quality varnish, giving a nice glass-like effect. Hearts were made through collaboration with the "Craft Box" store in Elsecar where all the material and ingredients are available (hearts are made from pressure cardboard), and the rest was my own creativity.

On another subject .....
I want to present to you a very good fashionblog of two of my best friends from Polish city of Szczecin .


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  1. That's so beautiful !
    I invite to me :)

  2. Thank you i will visit your blog! :-)